Follow Me

Red Top

Best Friends at the lake

Hot Diggity Dog

Unruly Hair

Free Spirit

50ies Christmas 2

This one is for you

Looking Ahead


Yoda in the baby pool

50ies Christmas 1

cooling off with charlie

I long for AFrica

Catching the Wave

Tell me Everything

Fearless 2


Swim with me

Giraffes in my dreams

Chiffon Dream

Beach Babe

I can't Let you go

Take me away

Don't Touch my hair

Pour Painting

Carolina Dreaming

Part of me in watamu

My Left Foot

walk with me

Behind the Waterfall

Purple Dance Sequence


Fun with Mr. Flamingo

Dance with Abandon


The world Upside down

Deep in Thought

my Yellow Bikini

Ethiopian Princess

California Beach babe

It was Grandmas Idea

Gelato in Italy

Green Ferris Wheel

take flight

I dream of you

Waving Not Drowning

minty fresh

Basking in the sun

Floating on a pink Cloud

I rule

you going to join me or what?

Calm within the Storm

Fearless 1

Pardonne Moi, Ma cherie

After Lunch

Couldn't Care less

available work

Having Such a ball

Mom, MOM?...MOM!


Dinner ANyone?

Little Guy

Pink Champagne at noon

Dreaming of Diani Beach

at the beach with FIfi

Dancing Flamingos

Sun Goddess

Not my haiiir


Free Floating

Wash over me


My Summer Hat

Return to Kilifi

my little Adventurer

with abandon